I knew June would be a change of pace as I would have my first week of vacation in over a year followed by a week as the on-call neurology attending for a busy hospital. However, as often happens just when I start to feel that I understand my life, June defied my expectations and plans. At the start of the month, a virtual townhall to make palliative care a new standard across the Parkinson Foundation was met with unexpected resistance, forcing our team to regroup and revise our approach. Erin Barnes, my publicist since I started this writing journey and the patient presence helping this luddite create a website, social media presence, blogs and newsletters, got a dream job as publicist for Meow Wolf Denver. Meanwhile, several close friends reached out to me in the midst of family health crises, leading me into the balancing act of friend and medical advisor (and reinforcing my belief that we desperately need a more person-centered healthcare system). Lastly Campbell, my friend of almost 10 years and the embodiment of loyalty and protection since her puppyhood, died unexpectedly.

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